Christian Counterfeiters

Christian Counterfeiters DVD by Lorri MacGregor

Christian Counterfeiters

What do these characters have in common?  C.T. Russell, Joseph Smith, Ellen G. White, Mary Baker Eddy, Herbert W. Armstrong, E. W. Kenyon, William Branham, Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, Oral & Richard Roberts, Creflo Dollar, Tommy Tenney, Marilyn Hickey, John Kilpatrick, Rodney Howard-Browne, John Avanzini, Rick Joyner and Paul Cain.

In the past, most Churches recognized the error and labeled them as “cult” groups to be avoided. These cults were obvious to all, and outside of the church.

But now in recent years, an even more serious danger has come upon the Church. Heretical teachings are being presented within the Church from pulpits, books, and “Christian” TV. Now instead of being identified and avoided, they are being embraced.

Lorri MacGregor’s presentation on Christian Counterfeiters is in four sections that make it easy to use for study groups. Learn about the Counterfeiters in our midst that are leading many astray.

MM Outreach Inc production. 2002

116 minutes run time.  2 DVDs

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