The Mormon Dilemma

The Mormon Dilemma

The Mormon Dilemma

A dramatic presententation. Follow this fascinating story as Ted and Carrie Lindsey, active Mormons, discover that the film “The Godmakers” is being shown in their own hometown. To make matters worse, their good friend and neighbor Jim Stamper, is an active member of the Christian church where the film is to be shown.

The Lindseys confront Jim as they try to deal with their frustration and anger over this displayof attack against their faith. The controntation ends in an even of dialogue and discovery for both the Lindseys and Jim Stamper.

The difference between Mormonism and orthodox Christianity is clearly, but lovingly, presented.

The next time a Mormon missionary, friend or loved one comes knocking on your door, show them this video.

Jeremiah Films production.

65 minutes run time.  

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