Women in Ministry Silenced or Set Free? 4 DVD set

Women in Ministry Silenced or Set Free? by Cheryl Schatz

Women in Ministry Silenced or Set Free? 4 DVD set:

Who and Why? Cheryl Schatz was raised to believe that women were forbidden to teach men the Bible. In fact, she believed it so strongly that she had a prejudice against women who would preach publicly. When her church hired their first woman pastor, Cheryl felt the prejudice rise up within her. How could her church go against the Bible? Even the sound of a woman's voice in public preaching sounded grating to her. However, Cheryl came to a crisis point when she was challenged by a friend that she was doing something wrong. Cheryl had been actively witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses and when they started to leave their faith and needed help in understanding the truth about Jesus, she welcomed them into her home and taught them the gospel. When Cheryl was challenged about women teaching men, she wondered how in all good conscience she could kick out the men who were coming with the women? None of them would go into a church because they were taught to be fearful of churches. They all needed Jesus.

Cheryl decided to dig into the Scriptures to understand what God was saying about women ministering the word of God. She felt called to minister to JWs, but she was also determined that she had to obey God if God didn't allow her to teach men in her home. Cheryl studied the difficult passages that seem to suggest that women could not teach the Bible to men. As she studied the passages in their complete context, Cheryl saw what appeared to be contradictions. For example it appeared that Paul was contradicting himself within in the same chapter. But there couldn't be contradictions because the Bible was God breathed, so she keep studying. Cheryl looked into the meaning of the Greek words and she studied the inspired grammar in these difficult passages. Cheryl was determined not to stop until she was able to understand the passages without any contradictions. It took 18 months of digging deep into the word of God and she experienced great joy when she could see all of the passages come to life without any contradictions. She was free to serve God without restrictions!

The 4 video set "Women in Ministry Silenced or Set Free?" is the result of Cheryl's study that set her free. Shortly after the original DVD was produced, Cheryl gave the video set to a pastor who was strongly against women in ministry. After he watched the videos he wrote her that the Holy Spirit had convicted him of his prejudice towards women and he no longer believed that the Bible in context was restricting women from teaching men. Cheryl also received an email from a woman who was in a strict KJV-only denomination who had been called by God as a missionary in her single years. She had bought a copy of the DVD set and it set her free. She wrote Cheryl that her church had not allowed her to go to the mission field as a single woman and no man she knew felt called to the country that God had called her to as a missionary. She had relented to her elders, and she married and had kids, but she said she always had a "tiff" with God for calling her to ministry and then not allowing her to go because she was a woman. When she watched this video set, she had all kinds of emotions the first time she watched. Then when the tears dried, she watched again and looked up all of the Scripture in context. Finally she watched it one more time and she too understood the Scripture without contradiction. She was free in Christ! She said it was too late for her to be obedient to the Lord Jesus, but she would be there to support any young woman that God called. Since that time many have found freedom in understanding and obeying the Lord Jesus without contradiction.

DVD description: Does God have a law that silences women in the church? Would God forbid all Christian women from teaching men in the body of Christ? Some Pastors answer "yes" to these questions and they say that scripture supports these restrictive rules. The passages that they point to in order to teach these prohibitions are also the passages that have been the hardest to interpret throughout church history. These passages on the surface appear to contradict other clear bible passages that free women to serve without restrictions. Because of these apparent contradictions many Christians have ignored these hard passages and chosen to stick to only the scriptures which are much easier to understand. But is this right? Can we just ignore passages of scripture because we don't like them or because they are difficult to understand? In this presentation, Cheryl Schatz deals with each of these hard passages of Scripture on the women's issue in order to help us understand God's intended meaning. 

"Women in Ministry Silenced or Set Free?" is a 4 DVD set covering 7 sections suitable for bible study groups or personal study. This unique DVD set is fast-paced and visually entertaining. Each disputed scripture is dealt with thoroughly and decisively to bring the viewer to an understanding of scripture which connects all relevant scripture together without contradiction.

This 4 DVD package includes 3.5 hours of teaching. $24.99 plus shipping.

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Recommendations and Reviews for Women in Ministry Silenced or Set Free?

"Women in Ministry: Silenced or Set Free?" as a whole is a very well produced and presented multi-media teaching series on the legitimacy and freedom of women to be in any ministry that God should call them to. The instructor is knowledgeable, very presentable, and articulate. The series presents serious biblical exegesis and research on a number of texts that are often quoted as evidence that women's roles and opportunities in ministry are limited. Taken all together I find this series to be very relevant and helpful and therefore cannot be passed off lightly....This series can go a long way to giving women the freedom to pursue ministry as God calls them and to answer the concern and questions of others.

I can recommend MM Outreach ministries and would be privileged to do so.

-Rev. Robert Guthrie, B.Th. M.A. Instructor in Biblical Studies and Church History Vanguard College, Edmonton, Alberta

In a world where many secular societies have seen the equality and value of women in leadership roles, too often religions have been slow to make the same transition. Biblically, Christ "tore down the middle wall of partition" that separated men and women, yet still, many Christian denominations and organizations maintain an error-filled perspective concerning women in ministry. As "Women in Ministry Silenced or Set Free?" clearly exposes the truth of God's word, each individual who wants balanced instruction in this vital area of teaching will discover that God's word is not vague nor is it indifferent about the role of women and their God-given ministries.

Those who have felt confused or restrained will find instead great freedom and a sound stance that upholds truth and extends endorsement for all women who choose to serve Christ in leadership and teaching roles.

...(the) series was well-prepared and with good documentation! Well done!

-Pastor Wayne McNeilly/Evangel Pentecostal Assembly, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The story of creation tells us that both man and woman were made in the image of God. All people are given intrinsic value in the miraculous act of creation, and all people are loved passionately by God, regardless of gender, race, age, education, economics, etc. However, though men and women are equal in value and purpose in God’s eyes, there are passages in the Bible that raise the question of whether or not God limits the roles that are available to women in a local church family. Women in Ministry: Silenced or Set Free examines this question in a thoughtful and persuasive way. Through clear, concise teaching and multimedia, this series provides an excellent presentation of the arguments in favor of a woman’s freedom to serve in all roles of Christian leadership according to God’s leading. Though I disagree with the theological conclusions of this series at several points, I found the series very helpful in understanding the issues involved from a different perspective. Without a doubt, the presentation is offered with tremendous respect, integrity, and grace.

-Dr. Scott Heine, Compass Church, Goodyear, Arizona

Women In Ministry is a well-researched, well-presented series on the role of women in the church today. Cheryl Schatz has done her homework in a very thorough and thought-provoking manner. She brings to our attention the pertinent scriptural teaching that helps us see the freedom women are given by the Lord for leadership in the church and the exercise of their God-given spiritual gifts.

The material is presented in an engaging format. From the very beginning, the viewer is drawn in with excellent graphics and video clips. Cheryl is a gifted Bible teacher.

This series is a must-see for those who seriously want to know what the Bible teaches on the role of women in the church today.

-Rev. Bob Carroll, Church Planting Pastor, The Link Christian Community, Edmonton, Alberta

November 16, 2006: The series (Women in Ministry Silenced or Set Free?) was researched, written and presented by Cheryl Schatz through MacGregor Ministries, "A Christian outreach to those involved in Cult Groups." I watched the entire series a few weeks ago and was very impressed. The high quality of the research that went into this 3.5 hour presentation is evident. The presentations are filled with visuals and the graphics draw you into the discussion. Schatz does a great job of breaking down and explaining often complex ideas in ways that most people can grasp.

The series is clearly targeted to people who are struggling with these issues from a fundamentalist or conservative Evangelical context. The presentations include audio recordings from people like John MacArthur, Bruce Ware, John Piper and others from the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. Schatz goes out of her way to be affirming of these leaders and is about as nonbelligerent as one can be when challenging another's teaching.

I suspect this series will be highly effective for the targeted audience. I am not sure how the series would be received by unchurched folks or people coming to the issues from outside the conservative Evangelical world. I think it would be a little like listening in on someone else's conversation but the actual biblical research would still be very helpful.

Every time I read or listen to someone's research about these topics it seems I learn something new. I found Schatz's presentation 1 Cor. 11 to be very helpful in setting the cultural context. The 1 Tim. 2 presentation introduced the possibility that verses 11-12 may have been addressed to a specific woman engaged in false teaching, which is something I have not previously heard postulated. I will have to investigate that one more. Other than that, most of what was presented fits with the reading and learning I have been doing over the years.

If your context is men and women struggling with the teachings of groups like the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood then I would highly recommend this series.

-Michael Kruse, elder and leader in the Presbyterian Church USA, Kansas City, MO

October 30, 2007 "Women in Ministry: Silenced or Set Free?" This DVD set is must have, and I thank God for Keith and Lorri MacGregor of MacGregor Ministries for putting out this DVD set. It's a very well produced and presented multi-media teaching series done by Cheryl Schatz on the legitimacy and freedom of women to be in "any ministry" that God should call them to. The instructor, Cheryl Schatz on the DVD is very knowledgeable, coming from a Hebraic Perspective. She is very articulate in her wonderful presentation of the hard subject. The series presents serious biblical exegesis and her research on a number of texts that are often quoted as "evidence" that women's roles and opportunities in ministry are limited. Taken all together we found this series to be very relevant for today and therefore highly recommend it to all. This series will go a long way in giving women the biblical freedom in the ministry God has called them to.

Rev. Barbara A. Di Gilio Th.D. Mayim Hayim Ministries

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