Word Faith DVD

Word Faith: Is it the Word or the Faith of the Bible? DVD

Word Faith: Is it the Word or the Faith of the Bible?

The Word Faith Movement is powerful and influential, with numerous affiliated churches worldwide. Compelling, charismatic leaders preach their pecular doctrines to enthusiastic and accepting global audiences, who view Word Faith as just another denomination within Christianity, but are they really?

Best known for their “prosperity gospel”, they promise riches in this life. We ask and answer the question “Is Word Faith prosperity really Biblical prosperity?” The answer might surprise you. We let the Bible speak.

However, the Word Faith Movement is in far deeper water doctrinally. Certain lines cannot be crossed without becoming outright heresy. These lines include the Person of Jesus Christ. We must not misrepresent our Lord and Savior, or we could be found guilty of presenting”another Jesus”, “another gospel”, as the Apostle Paul warned the church.

Has the Word Faith Movement crossed that line? We believe so, and you can decide for yourself, as this DVD takes a Biblical look at some of their more aberrant teachings. Be prepared to be shocked!

Lorri MacGregor brings over thirty years of Discernment Ministry experience to this exposé, having authored two books, ten DVDs, numerous articles and booklets examining various groups.

68 minutes run time.  MM Outreach Inc production

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